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Yym 3 years ago
Incest is a very good thing. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
I have had sex with my mom multiple times. I would mostly always pull out. So I didn't impregnate her (even though we have had a couple of scares due to me not pulling out in time but she never got pregnant ). Me and mother have been real lovers for some years now. She has has had her tubes tied and past MP. So she is not able to have children. Therefore we don't worry about the pull outs anymore.
Susan D 3 years ago
My son and I love to fuck and suck.
On a few occasions i have had six abortion's. The feel of my son's cum blasting cum in my cunt and asshole makes me feel happy. As of last week I am 3 months pregnant with my son's baby. I love incest.
Yym 3 years ago
We have never made a video due to the stigma of incest.
I think of her as my wife and treat her that way as she does the same. We both love watching real incest (not bs taboo) porn.
I can count on one hand where we have argued.
My mother is my forever soulmate, lover, wife, friend and companion.
I would recommend if you ever get the chance to try it. Jump on it. If you are uncomfortable with it then don't do it anymore. For me (my opinion) was the best relationship I've ever had.
Luckyfucker6969 4 years ago
Incest is a natural thing. It's been going on since the creation of man. Besides I was in a house with my mom and 4 aunts 2 sister's and 6 female cousins. I ducked them all. Are separate family reunion is just me and 13 females having a two day orgy I am the only man. It's time for us to start now. Later.
I love you Mom 3 years ago
you cannot orgasm inside your mother.without saying mom i love you.are calling her mom you've got to say something there's too much emotion and too much feeling when you're having an orgasm with your mother.when she was cumming.she was calling me baby and I was calling her mama this is so good.and her answer was yes baby yes
2 years ago
My mom started coming into my room when I was 16. Mutual masturbation at first, then one night she was so hot she got on top of me saying "Fuck mommy hard!" It was amazing and we have been fucking for a couple of years now.
Milf 2 years ago
I love fucking my son, a mother knows what’s best for him ;)
Highmark370 3 years ago
"Real mom and son"?? Yeeaaahhh, I don't know....maybe. Nothing really makes me think it's authentic. Kinda hot, not bad, but actually, really for real mom fucking? I don't know.....nothing makes me think it's more than a young guy fucking a mature woman, no relation.
Horny son 3 years ago
My mom told me that I was better than her hubby!!!
Son 3 years ago
Mom I love you so much